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DCS Helicopter modpack slopepad

Well, there it is! In-game and functional.
HPG_SlopepadWinter slopepad_ingame

DCS Slopepad / portable helipad

By request I’m adding a portable helipad to DCS. This specific pad is what is called a slopepad. It can be used in mountainous and sloped terrain to create a landingspot for helicopters.
Running into an issue where I can not set the so called world space to keep the pad from following terrain angles. Doing my best to solve this!



Work In Progress

What you see here is a work in progress. A simple WordPress website where I will be posting about my game modifications, wacky inventions and gadgets, and some of my hobbies like airsoft. Right now the website doesn’t contain much more than just some early modifications I made for the game SWAT 3, but as you might guess by looking at the slideshow above, you can expect a SWAT 4 mod very soon.

The models I made or ported to SWAT 4 might very well be ported to other tactical games like ArmA 3 and some upcoming games on the Unreal engibe if they support modding.

When you stumble upon this website there is a very good chance that you already know me in person or online. If you got here by using a search engine, here’s a brief introduction:

I’m a long time game modder. I’m not much at coding, the graphical department is more my forte. I use Maya and 3D Studio Max for my 3d models and Photoshop and illustrator for the 2d textures and graphical user interface. My interests when it comes to games are tactical simulations and police related games in particular. For SWAT 3 I used to create mostly character and weapon mods. Back then, me and my old game squad made some very well known (Within it’s community) SWAT 3 mod series by the name of [BBE] Real Element.