[BBE] Real Element: Naval Ops

Game: SWAT 3

[BBE] Real Element: Naval Ops

This mod is number 2 in a series of realistic officer mods.It features 5 new models;

BBE boardingsquad Assaulter – basic boarding squad officer.
BBE boardingsquad Entryman – Boarding squad officer with entry tools.
BBE boardingsquad Rear Guard – heavy armored boarding squad officer.
BBE boardingsquad Breacher – Boarding officer with breaching shotgun.
BBE boardingsquad Enforcer – Heavy support officer.

All based on the real life BBE boarding unit. The Bijzondere Bijstandseenheid, or BBE for short, is the Dutch national counter-terrorist unit, similar to the British SAS Pagoda group and German GSG9. The name “Bijzondere Bijstandseenheid” can be translated to English as “Special Support Unit.”


BBE Naval Ops