[BBE] Blackwater Training

Mission by [BBE] Soul Assassin
Version 1.0,
3 August 2002
Installation:Copy “Blackwater.zip” to */Sierra/Swat3/Missions.

INFORMATION:This is where the training should happen. The largest training facility for SWAT3.

CRIME INFORMATION:There is 1 suspect in the office part. Go an’ arrest him!

LOCATION:The facility is built around a courtyard. On 3 sides you will find shooting-houses, and the 4th side is for offices and the ranges. Behind that you’ll finda sniperrange.

MISSION OBJECTIVES – Arrest/Neutralize suspect

* Credits *Betatesters: Several members of the BBE Squad. LA*Witchkeeper*PD
Thanks to: Some ppl on the forum for answering questions. Grunt for making the loading pics: good work m8

BBE Blackwater training map