[BBE] Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment BBE

Installation:Copy “rapideplbbe.zip” to */Sierra/Swat3/Missions.

Today we have to investigate suspicious behaviour in a small neighbourhood near the UCLA area. Residents have reported trucks moving on and off, as well as yelling voices.
Highground has the target house under surveillance, they report activity of multiple persons. It is unknown how many people are involved, and if there are any civilians present. Watch yourselfs out there, because things could get hot.

Snipers can be placed in both the helicopter and a empty house across the street.

– Arrest all suspects
– Rescue all hostages

BBE Eagle
BSB Knight Rider
BBE Grunt
FSK Swatdog

Thanks to Palermo and Nataliia for the helicopter sound and the Humvee.
Also a thanks goes to all the people who helped me by answering questions on the forum.

Known bugs
-Problem with placement of your men in the heli and the sniper house. Not my fault, really
– Maybe you can get bad FPS and/ or lag when you’re on the street, I tried to avoid that 🙁
– Texture alignment in some places, and wrong material sounds.

You can make scenario’s for this map, just unzip it, and move the cellgroups_rapideplbbe.datfile to *\SIERRA\SWAT3\ScenShell\data.
There IS a nice easter egg in the map… just be sure to” do the thing you do a fewtimes every day”, and doors to strange places will open for you…

BBE Rapid Deployment map