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SWAT 4 Equipment mod

This mod started out as a quick fix for Co-Op gameplay. As the game was lacking red and blue teams in this mode, I decided to create some helmets with team indicators to solve this problem.

Right now the mod is much more than that. Over the past few weeks I have been tinkering with it whenever I could find the time. Admittedly the time I could spend on this has not been as much as I would have wanted.

Ops-Core with V-light indicatorsNonetheless I have been able to hone my skills in SWAT modding in different aspects.
Since the beginning of this mod I have added a good number of different helmets and a gasmask combination.
The Ops-Core being the most impressive addition to the headgear department, while not entirely done yet.

In the mean time I have been working on figuring out how to create new character models for the game.

This process, like all others, has been progressing slow but steady but is now at the point of being implemented and tested.

Creating a SWAT character
New Taser XREP munitionTaser X12 shotgun While working on all of the above I took the time to read all of the suggestions made by the followers of this mod on this very website. Most of the suggestions are on my todo list. To show I actually do something with the feedback and suggestions you gave me so far, I decided to spend some time on developing the Taser XREP round for shotguns. This feature was requested by moddb.com user SamuraiSushi and is now nearly done. It will consist of a munition type and a Taser X12 shotgun model.